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Stephen Webb, MD of Webb Systems, is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer who has worked in aerospace, motor vehicles and clothing manufacture.  About as broad a spectrum of manufacturing as you can get.  He spent two decades working for an international consulting firm specialising in productivity improvement and management information systems.  He brings his experience to bear on every consulting project we perform. 


A typical project starts with a question – “What do you want to find out?”  We then make a review of the manufacturing facility or other system with particular emphasis on defining the problem, but in general rather than specific.  For example, “We cannot achieve our theoretical capacity” is preferred to “The surface mount machine is not producing”. This is because we have found quite often that the perceived problem may, as a result of modelling, turn out not to be the problem at all.

We then build the model and define the data we need to drive it.  Providing the data is the customer’s responsibility, though we can do timings for the customer if such data is not readily available.  We aim to build the model using a CAD drawing as a background, though this is not obligatory.  We prefer it because it makes the model more understandable for the staff who need to validate the model, and accept and implement the conclusions.

As a rule we build a “first pass” model and review it with the customer.  Usually, this throws up areas where we have not fully understood the system, or where additional data is needed.  We then complete and test the model prior to delivery.  Frequently, we also run experiments for the customer and document our conclusions.  This is optional as we can deliver the model with a “run time” system that lets the customer carry out experiments for themself.

We aim to have all the variable data drawn from an Excel workbook, with results sent back to Excel for analysis.  This lets the customer make changes to the model without actually having to make these directly in the model.  This allows a great reduction in the training time as the user has only to provide Excel skills rather than modelling ones


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