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Webb Systems Limited was established in 1992 with the objective of bringing the benefits of discrete event simulation to a wider range of companies in the UK.  At the time, simulation was little known to around 80% of UK manufacturing and logistics companies, and the remaining 20% were for the most part major corporations who could afford the expense of purchasing simulation systems and employing and maintaining the skills to use them.

Over the last 18 years, our business has evolved both geographically and in the scope of what we deliver to our customers.  Initially, our efforts were mainly directed to supplying software packages and training customers in using them.  We still supply simulation software, but much of our activity is now as consultants who develop models, run experiments and present our conclusions to our customers.

Most of our work is within the manufacturing sector with a significant smaller proportion in logistics.  We have also worked for banking and insurance companies in the financial services sector and health care.  Several suppliers to manufacturing and logistics sectors also use our services to validate their proposals to their customers.  One customer tells us that he has increased turnover by more than 30% after providing models of his proposals to potential customers.

Our speciality is rapid model development aimed at improving specific areas in a manufacturing environment.  We often complete a model in less than a week, and few models require more than 20 days of our time.  This leads to a rapid payback of the initial investment in our services.

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