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We offer two packages, both sourced from a Dutch company, Incontrol, who are based in Utrecht with offices in Germany and China.  These products are ShowFlow and Enterprise Dynamics




This product is a development of the original package we sold in 1992.  It was and still is one of the easiest packages to learn to use and is capable of building substantial models.  Webb Systems is the world distributor for ShowFlow and the acknowledged master user of the system.  We supply the system worldwide and provide training and support for our users.

ShowFlow is priced at a level that makes it possible for companies to have multiple copies without breaking the bank and is aimed at the Industrial Engineering function rather than IT.  It is perfect for modelling manufacturing lines, or parts of them.  We have also used ShowFlow to successfully model call centres, vehicle traffic around distribution centres, hospital bed utilisation, hospital out-patient departments, and retail checkouts.

While most ShowFlow models are presented as two dimensional, it does support three dimensional representations too.  It is not however Virtual Reality.  If you need this, or have a requirement for very large models on an enterprise scale, then you need to look at the other product we supply, Enterprise Dynamics.

Enterprise Dynamics

ED is a state of the art simulator that is capable of modelling huge systems.  It has comfortably simulated a model with over 100,000 discrete entities.  It is the system used to develop the baggage handling systems of over 250km of conveyors at Schiphol Airport and the entire Netherlands railway system.  It can tackle pretty well any modelling task, it has sophisticated communication links to any database, and can be used to model a system in real time.  Its capabilities are far too many to list on a single page, so if you want to learn more, follow the link above.

Webb Systems is the UK reseller for ED and can provide training and support to our customers.


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